Leeds Beckett University Supplier Fair

The Bigger Printing Company attends the Leeds Beckett University Supplier Fair and Staff Training Day 2016


As the exclusive supplier of roll-up banners to Leeds Beckett University, The Bigger Printing Company was again invited to attend the University’s annual Supplier Fair and Staff Training Day. This year, the event took place on 27th January 2016 at the Rosebowl City Campus. The Supplier Fair was held as part of the University’s People Development Program, and this year’s theme was ‘Open Minds’.

The Supplier Fair assists as an introduction between official suppliers to the University, and the wider team of staff (not just the procurement team who deal with suppliers). The University’s staff had various seminars and workshops to attend throughout the day, and one involved participation from some of the suppliers. The suppliers provided a question to the staff within the seminar, with the answer being located somewhere on their exhibition stand, forming a ‘treasure hunt’. Everyone who obtained the correct answer was entered into a raffle to win a prize from the supplier. Bigger Printing provided a choice of prizes to the winner, either a free stretched canvas print, or a framed print. The exhibition stand was created using a Curve display system.

Linking in with the theme of ‘Open Minds’, Bigger Printing asked ‘How many different types of displays can The Bigger Printing Company produce?' Rather than a numerical answer, Bigger Printing was looking for the staff to think a little more expansively - as there isn’t a numerical answer. Due to the various materials, printing process, hardware solutions, and the scope for imagination with custom shapes and bespoke solutions, the display possibilities are endless. To make things a little more challenging for the staff attending this workshop, Bigger Printing produced an exhibition stand designed around an infographic to try to trick the staff into looking for a numerical answer. A sentence stating the answer (‘The combination of your imagination and our expertise leads to unlimited possibilities’) was placed within the stand, amongst the statistics for the staff to find. Everyone who found this answer received a raffle ticket as entry for the prize.

In addition to taking part in the workshop treasure hunt, Bigger Printing also ran a timed challenge to build an exhibition tower. Using foamex, Bigger Printing produced a simple tower that slots together in order to be built. Once assembled, the fastest times were placed onto a magnetic leader board which was produced for the event. At the end of the Supplier Fair, Bigger Printing presented the winner with a bottle of champagne. This challenge became a real focal point of the stand, and the staff became very competitive with each other. Throughout the day, more and more competitive times were set, until the incredibly fast time of 43 seconds became the winning time.

Every attendee of the Supplier Fair also received a ‘goodie bag’, to which Bigger Printing provided drink coasters that had been produced especially for the event. The coasters were designed to look like vinyl records, printed on both sides, using the University’s branding. These coasters were produced on black foamex, using both white ink and standard CMYK.

Watch our video of the day below.

Speaking at the event, Account Manager Marc Offord commented “Having taken part in one of Leeds Becket’s Supplier Fairs previously, we were thrilled to be asked back and to participate in another. Personally, this was my first visit and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The organisation of the day encourages a lot of interaction between the suppliers and the staff at the university, and it’s a lot of fun taking part in the ‘treasure hunt’ seminar. As soon as we were asked to return, we put a lot of thought and effort into our stand, making it interesting for the staff attending the treasure hunt seminar, as well as fun and informative for those who weren’t. The timed tower challenge went down very well and proved to be as popular as we’d hoped. These types of events can sometimes feel a little stale, but in testament to the organisational efforts by the university, we clearly got a lot out of the day, and we hope the staff did too.”

For further information on Leeds Beckett University, please visit their website here.