Our Largest Ever Single Order!

Bigger Printing produced and delivered 221 exhibition graphic display systems in just one week


Last week, The Bigger Printing Company was even busier than usual thanks to the largest single order the company has ever received.

Towards the end of the previous week, Bigger Printing had secured an order for 200 roll-up banners, and 21 3x3 pop-up displays. In addition to producing the exhibition display systems, all 221 needed to be printed and delivered directly to the client within a week.

Production commenced on the roll-up banners over the weekend as soon as the artwork was approved by the client. The roll-up banner artwork was produced onto a premium light-block material which is printed on the roll-feed, allowing for continuous, overnight printing. Once printed, the graphics were protected with a deep crystal seal to provide the display with extra durability.

Production on the 21 3x3 pop-up displays began on the Monday morning once the artwork proofs were approved by the client. Again, the artwork for the pop-up displays was printed onto a premium light-block material (although thicker than the roll-up banner material), and protected with a deep crystal seal.

Throughout the week, these roll-up banners and pop-up displays were printed continuously throughout the night, then sealed, trimmed and packed during the day. They were not printed during the daytime as Bigger Printing concentrated on separate orders and projects.

As the client required all 221 display systems by the end of the Friday, Bigger Printing arranged for a dedicated same-day courier to take the completed order directly to the client that Friday afternoon. At lunchtime on the Friday, Pan.Ex arrived at Bigger Printing to collect the 4 pallets worth of exhibition display graphics, and delivered them directly to the client before the end of the working day.

For further information on roll-up banners, or pop-up displays, please visit their pages.