Planning For Growth - New Printer

The Bigger Printing Company plan for growth with the new Arizona 360XT printer


The Bigger Printing Company have bought one of large-format print’s most prestigious printers – the Arizona 360XT - to improve print production and finishing processes.

Sebastian Stanley, Director for Bigger Printing, comments: “The Arizona 360XT is one of the largest UV flatbed printers available in the world today. It’s faster and more flexible than our other Arizona printers, so we can produce better quality print and in even shorter timescales. Plus it allows us to print onto boards up to 10ft by 8ft in size, in one go.”

Bigger Printing are also the only large format printers to use an Arizona 360XT in the south west of England.

The Arizona 360XT is part of the same series as Bigger Printing’s existing Arizona flatbed, but with much greater capacity. The 360XT ensures finer detail, prints 50% faster and cuts down on both materials and manual labour. The bed is twice the size of Bigger Printing’s other Arizona, allowing the production team to print onto larger boards. With two Arizonas the company can run boards and vinyl rolls simultaneously, ensuring that less man time is spent on processing print. So Bigger Printing can run at a higher capacity and meet customer deadlines faster.

And the 360XT white ink capability prevents the need for additional white vinyl on point of sale windows displays, saving considerable production time and cost, and improving accuracy.

Sebastian says: “The 360XT is a natural progression for a company like ours. We want to be the leading large format printer in the south west within the next 5 years. The Arizona 360XT takes us leaps and bounds towards that goal.” The Arizona 360XT was funded in part by a flexible loan agreement from Lombard, the largest Asset Finance company in the UK. Through local offices, Lombard help support SMEs so that they can grow and expand. As a fast growing company, Bigger Printing approached Lombard to help them more easily fulfill their plans for growth.