New video: Animated infographic

We've created a short animated infographic as an introduction to The Bigger Printing Company


We've created our very own animated infographic to act as an introduction to The Bigger Printing Company, and some of the services and products that we can provide.

We've used Adobe After Effects to animate an introduction to us at The Bigger Printing Company. The animation has been designed to introduce our main products from PVC banners, to wallpaper, pop-up displays and exhibitions, as well as some of the services that we provide such as a full survey and installation service. Our Production Manager Dan is a keen musician and was kind enough to write, record and produce the music for the animation.

We have started to create a series of videos showing a little detail on certain products, please click here to visit our videos page, however, we decided that we would try a departure from our standard videos for our general introduction to the company. Choosing animation as our departure provided not only a visual difference from our standard videos, but it also provided us with greater creativity options when we were exploring how to link the products and services together.

We were keen to keep the animation under two and a half minutes as this animation was to act as a brief introduction to the company, not a in-depth look at everything we do. By placing a reasonable time limit on the video, it helped to keep the storyboarding lean and concise. Therefore, unfortunately, some products were dropped from being mentioned in the animation. We certainly produce a lot more display solutions than we've mentioned in this animation.

For further information on any services or products, please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office on 01242 528868.