Leeds Beckett University Fair

Bigger Printing makes a big impression at the Leeds Beckett University Supplier Fair

Leeds Beckett University Supplier Fair


As the exclusive supplier of roll-up banners to Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett University), The Bigger Printing Company was invited to the university’s Supplier Fair on 17th January 2014 at the Rosebowl City Campus. The Supplier Fair was held as part of the University’s People Development Program, and this year’s theme was Planning and Organisation.

As a supplier, Bigger Printing was asked to facilitate a treasure hunt for the delegates based on this theme. During workshops, delegates were given a question, and they would need to find out the answer from the suppliers. Bigger Printing’s question was simple; ‘How many stages are there from requesting a roll-up banner, to taking delivery of the finished product?’ the delegates were then informed that the answer was on the exhibition stand.

Bigger Printing’s exhibition stand consisted of the new Link roll-up banner system with the flexible unit attachment, and QR codes were hidden in the stands design. Once the QR codes were located by the delegates and scanned by a tablet or smart phone, the delegates were shown a video Bigger Printing created especially for the event. The video showed all 18 stages from the quote request of the roll-up banner, through to the final product being taken out of the packaging by Leeds Metropolitan. Just to make it a little bit more difficult, some other QR codes were also incorporated into the design which linked to ‘dummy’ videos with a ‘Close, but not close enough’ message.

At the end of the fair, all visitors to the Bigger Printing stand were entered into a raffle. The winner of the raffle received an A1 printed and framed canvas from Bigger Printing, the delegates just needed to provide the artwork / photo.

All delegates also received a ‘goody bag’ from each supplier at the fair. Bigger Printing handed out boxes, with unique fridge magnets, drink coaster and keyrings inside. The boxes and items inside the box were all produced by Bigger Printing especially for the event.

Speaking at the event, Sales Executive at Bigger Printing, Jon Fletcher commented “We were excited about this Supplier Fair as soon as we were invited to attend as it encourages a lot of interaction with a substantial amount of delegates, and creating the treasure hunt for them was a lot of fun. We put a lot of work into the stand, the video and the boxes to make the day as interesting as possible for the delegates, whilst also demonstrating how flexible we can be with our production techniques. Since we were awarded the contract with Leeds Metropolitan back in December 2012, we have thoroughly enjoyed the partnership, and this event was no different.”