100% Landfill Free

The Bigger Printing Company improves its environment program and becomes 100% landfill free


The Bigger Printing company is proud to announce that it is now 100% landfill free.

As of the 4th of September 2017, Bigger Printing has upgraded its already strong environment program, by partnering up with industry waste specialists PrintWaste.

This new environment policy has resulted in an increase of 40% more ‘waste’ being recycled, and what waste cannot be recycled, being used as part of the Waste-To-Energy scheme - resulting in no waste from Bigger Printing heading to landfill.

Bigger Printing will now be able to increase the volume of plastic materials, and composite aluminium (both unsealed and sealed) which it is able to recycle, therefore reducing the volume of non-recyclable waste.

What cannot be recycled, will be used in the Waste-To-Energy program which is a hygienic, and environmentally efficient way to handle waste material. Energy (electricity) is produced from the non-recyclable materials, increasing sustainable and renewable energy resources. Effective filters are used during this process to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, ensuring this process remains environmentally-friendly. Waste-To-Energy also assists the UK to meet EU renewable energy targets (that 15% of UK energy consumed to come from renewable energy sources by 2020).

This upgraded policy therefore improves Bigger Printing’s environment program on three fronts – increasing the volume of materials which can be recycled, helping towards EU renewable energy targets while reducing greenhouse gases, as well reducing Bigger Printing’s input into landfill site to zero.

Commenting, David Bowen, Operations and Marketing Manager at Bigger Printing said ‘As a print company, we have a huge responsibility to be as clean and environmentally-friendly as possible.

We’ve always had a rigorous environment program to ensure we recycle as much as possible, and we take great care when preparing jobs to ensure we reduce waste to an absolute minimum – but we felt there must be a way to do more.

We approached PrintWaste and were very impressed with the guidance, support and service they provided which allowed us to improve our procedures and finally reduce our landfill input to zero, which is something we are very proud to be able to say.’