New Eco Friendly Materials

Introducing our Recycled and Recyclable Cast Acrylic, and Low-Carbon Recyclable PVC-Free Banner

Introducing 100% Recycled and Recyclable Cast Acrylic and Low Carbon PVC Free Banner



As you may be aware, the Bigger Printing team care deeply about the environment, and take great precautions to limit our impact on the environment; we are proud to be 100% landfill free, we use as many recycled and recyclable materials as possible, and challenge our suppliers to reflect our values and adhere to our environmental guidelines.

We are delighted to announce we are now able to add not one, but two more environmentally friendly materials to our range; 100% recycled cast acrylic, and low-carbon PVC free banner material.

100% Recycled and Recyclable Cast Acrylic

As part of our ongoing environmental responsibility, we are pleased to announce that we are now adding 100% recycled and recyclable cast acrylic to our range. This new acrylic is available in clear, opal and a range of cast colours. It looks and performs just like standard acrylic, but is fully recycled before we print your designs on to it, and can be fully recycled into new acrylic.

Available in a range of thicknesses from 3mm up to 20mm, our recycled and recyclable acrylic is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and it is incredibly environmentally friendly. This acrylic even uses less water and CO2 during manufacture than virgin acrylic sheet production. For more information, please contact the team on 01242 528868.

Low-Carbon, Recyclable PVC-Free Banner

It has taken a while to find an environmentally friendly banner product that also meets our requirements including print finish, durability and colour vibrancy – so we are pleased to announce our low-carbon, recyclable PVC-free banner material. This new material conforms to government legislations for PVC-free specifications, and helps reduce our / your carbon footprint.

Similar to traditional PVC banner material, this material is available in 300gsm, it is flame-retardant, and certified to FR-B1 standards. For more information, please contact the team on 01242 528868.