Work Experience - Sophie

Welcoming Work Experience student Sophie into the team for a week as part of her Prince’s Trust programme

Work Experience student Sophie designing her movie poster at Bigger Printing



Last week, The Bigger Printing Company had the pleasure of welcoming a student of the Prince’s Trust programme, Sophie, into the team to introduce her into the world of large-format printing, and furthering her design skills.

With a keen interest in graphic design and illustration, Sophie chose to spend her Work Experience Week at Bigger Printing to further her understanding of design, and large format printing.

Having previously worked at Star Print at National Star for 1 year, Sophie came into the environment with a firm understanding of the basics of print, allowing Bigger Printing to build on those foundations.

On her first day, Sophie was given an understanding on how the large format print equipment works, and the general work flow that Bigger Printing follows. She was also given her design brief; to design, process and observe the printing process of her very own movie poster. The subject of her design was open, and Sophie chose to design a poster for one of her favourite movie franchises – Godzilla!

After her first day which served as an introduction to the team, the company, and the project, Sophie set out to plan the design for her movie poster, with some guidance from the Studio team at Bigger Printing. Sophie created the basic design by drawing free-hand on paper, then scanning it in to Adobe Photoshop to colourise it.

Once Sophie had finalised her design using Abode Photoshop, she exported her file as a print-ready PDF, then processed and proofed the file ready for production along with the team in the Studio. Sophie then observed the movie poster be printed on the latest cutting-edge print technology at Bigger Printing (the Colorado 1640), ready for her to take home at the end of the week.

Commenting on Sophie week at Bigger Printing, Operations and Marketing Manager, David Bowen said “Sophie was very interested in what we do, and how we produce large graphics. We knew Sophie had a strong interest in graphic design and print from her time at Star Print before she started with us, so we created the design project for her in order to facilitate the development of her skills from both a design and technical perspective. I think Sophie can be very proud of the design she has produced, and I’m sure she has left us with an expanded skill-set, especially when using the Adobe Creative Suite.”