Custom Wood Printing

Print direct to wood, and use bespoke cut-paths to create truly unique wooden displays


Printing directly onto wood to create unique displays

As fantastic as PVC foamex or composite aluminium is, sometimes, a project requires displays to have a more natural, or organic feel to them – and that’s where custom printing directly to wood can help your displays make a big impact.

We are able to print in high-quality directly onto wood, and include white thanks to our white ink technology (something impossible with standard CMYK printing). We are able to print directly to a range of woods, with the most common being plywood.

We are able to print on wood up to 36mm thick, and our largest print bed size is 3 metres by 2.5 metres. Plywood wood is available in 8ft by 4ft sheet sizes, other woods are available in different sizes. For larger runs, we usually start with a full sheet and cut it down as required, for smaller runs, we usually cut the wood ahead of time.

Like fingerprints, no two pieces of wood are the same as each has a unique wood grain, so depending on your design, you might wish to provide the wood yourself to ensure the wood grain and wood knots do not interfere with your artwork. As long as the wood is smooth, and 36mm thick or less, we should be able to print to it. If you are providing the wood, we would like to check it before we commit to a print to make sure the wood isn’t coated with anything that could interfere with our inks. Alternatively, we can provide the wood. If you have any questions, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Printing with white ink on wood

Depending how much wood grain you would like to see through the print will dictate if you require a flood of white ink underneath your design, or if you just require spot white ink to be used where white is required in your design.

We often custom print directly to wood without a flood of white ink in order to take advantage of the unique texture each piece of wood provides. Logos, large text, and colourful images look fantastic with the wood grain texture visible behind the print, and our inks are robust enough for the prints to be touched, allowing the feel of the grain to be used as part of the overall effect too.

We also print wooden displays without any white ink, allowing the wood show where white would normally be seen (such as the example shown above of a pair of trainers), maximising the effect from the source material. When planning your designs, we’d recommend incorporating areas of no print in order to take advantage of the unique atheistic and feel of each piece of wood.

Wood displays cut to custom shapes

We are able to shape-cut soft woods such as plywood up to 5mm thick. Thicker displays can be created by fixing layers of 5mm thick wood together (such as the 'Coffee time' image above, and shown in detail in the video below). This process can also be used to great effect to create an engraved finish in the wood, or create an embossed finish. If you require your display to be shape-cut but the wood is thicker than 5mm, you will need to supply it shape-cut.

Watch a project be produced using shape-cut printed wood

We helped bring the revamp of the New Room / John Wesley Chapel to life with a series of impactful printed wood displays - watch how we created the displays by watching the project video here.

Unique custom wood displays for marketing and advertising

Custom printing directly to wood always creates a truly unique display thanks to the unique wood grain in every display. Many brands who relate to organic, natural beauty, utilise wood in their point-of-sale displays, and previously might have looked to use vinyl, or a transfer to incorporate a graphic on wood.

Thanks to digital print technology, full photographs, branding assets and logos can be printed directly to the wood, creating unique and impactful interior or exterior designs. If you’d like further information on what is possible with printing and shape-cutting wood, please contact the office on 01242 528868 or email the office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Watch as we print directly to wood

Watch as we show an example of the unique finish a direct print to wood can create. This example is done without any white ink at all, what would have been white in the image (the shoe laces for example) has been left blank, allowing the wood to grain to really show.


Watch as we cut wood to create a unique, shape-cut wooden display

Watch as we show an example of how wood can be cut to bespoke shapes and layered to make impactful 3D displays.