Window Displays
Be creative with your windows and generate impactful displays


Choose from a variety of materials

Take advantage of the space provided by windows. Let your imagination go wild with a range of processes to create impactful window displays; ideal for presenting a logo, message, or creative design! Choose from a variety of materials including cast vinyl, frosted cast vinyl, clear vinyl and Contra Vision® among others.

Windows provide large, interesting canvases that can be utilised to brighten up a office work space or reception area, as well as acting as an external display or sign. Often, windows get forgotten about as a display solution, however, they can be used to reinforce branding, advertise a location, or simply provide a point of interest inside a room.

One-way window displays using Contra Vision®

Contra Vision® transforms glass into branding opportunities and one-way privacy while retaining excellent see-through from the other side. Until now it’s been applied externally which requires special equipment if installed at height. Thanks to white-ink we can to print onto the reverse, which is applied to the inside of the window, thus making installations easier, especially at height, and more cost effective as there is no need for access equipment.

Below we have a short video from an installation we carried out at The Wilson Gallery using Contra Vision® - this illustrates perfectly the imfact this material can have as a one-way window display solution.


Frosted vinyl and white ink

Explore the creative options that white ink provides with non-white materials such as clear vinyls to create high impact, intriguing window displays. We can use a mixture of white ink and CMYK to replicate frosted vinyl if required, this process is ideal for intricate frosted window designs, or if you need to specify the density of the frosted effect. Frosted vinyl, either cast or printed, is a very popular window display solution as it is used for both creative solutions, and safety solutions. Sections of frosted vinyl are used throughout offices and public areas to highlight glass doors and windows to help prevent people walking into them. Frosted vinyl is also used to create some privacy into an office or a meeting room without completely blocking out light due to its translucent nature.

Allow light in, or block it out?

Using materials such as clear vinyl and Contra Vision® means that you do not need to block out the light that the window provides to a room, you can still create a display whilst keeping the sunlight in the room. If you would prefer to block out the light, then materials such as grey-back vinyl allows the light to be blocked out. Please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01242 528868 to discuss your window display requirements.

The options are endless

As well having a comprehensive range of materials available, and exploring the creative possibilities using white ink provides, we can also cut window displays to virtually any shape. To complete the window display, we have a wide range for finishes to ensure your window display is exactly what you require.