Contra Vision® Displays

Create impactful one-way branding and advertising window displays using Contra Vision®


Impactful see-through window graphics and one-way privacy

Contra Vision® is a perforated window film which transforms glass into creative branding opportunities, creating one-way privacy while retaining excellent see-through from the other side. From the outside, a vibrant graphic is clearly visible, however, from the inside, the material is partially see-through – creating the appearance of a slightly dark finish to the glass, similar to a tinted window.

Contra Vision® provides privacy and solar control benefits to people inside offices, retail environments and vehicles, without blocking their view of the outside.

When using Contra Vision® as part of a window display, the sunlight is not fully blocked out, despite the graphic being clearly seen from the outside. This window display solution is very popular for retail unit window displays as clear branding and advertising messages can be displayed to the high street, whilst allowing a good amount of light to still enter into the shop. If you would prefer to block out the light, then materials such as grey-back vinyl allows the light to be blocked out - although retaining sunlight is usually of high importance in offices and retail environments.

An official Print Partner of Contra Vision®

After demonstrating extensive experience of producing and installing window displays using a range of Contra Vision® products, Bigger Printing has been acknowledged as an official Contra Vision® Print Partner. Becoming a Print Partner is a stamp of approval of both print and service quality from Contra Vision® -  industry’s leading printable window films manufacturer, and inventors of one-way vision window graphics. To read a full press release on this Print Partnership, please click here.

Choose from a range of options / finishes

Contra Vision® is available in a range of options, including Contra Vision® Performance™, which is the number one worldwide solution for perforated window film to create one-way window graphics. Contra Vision® Performance™ is the classic, high-quality solution which is applied externally. Easy to install, and easy to remove, the Performance solution is highly popular in retail environments and as part of vehicle wraps where the design needs to cover windows, but not reduce visibility from the inside looking out.

Contra Vision® Applied Inside™ allows a graphic to be printed on to the reverse of the material so it can be applied to the inside of the glass / windows. This makes installations at height much easier as the installation can take place inside, removing the requirement of expensive access equipment, and removing any difficulty that could be caused by bad weather during the installation. A layer of white ink is used behind the CMYK layer in order to provide colour density and accuracy as the film is clear, and therefore CMYK print can look translucent without a layer of white ink.

Contra Vision® HD™ is the latest addition to the range, which is created with many more, much smaller holes, which provides the same overall effect as the Performance range, yet allows text to be produced at a much smaller size and still be legible as the holes are physically so much smaller.

Watch Contra Vision® be installed at The Wilson Art Gallery, and see how the finished effect appears to the eye

Watch our quick video showing how quick and easy Contra Vision® is to install, and what the effect truly is when viewed from inside and outside. This video was filmed during a larger installation of internal and external graphics for The Wilson Art Gallery in Cheltenham.


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