White Ink Printing
Be creative with a wider range of materials by utalising white ink


Why use white ink?

Using white ink opens up a range of creative options when printing. As CMYK printing is unable to produce white, previously, either white materials or a base layer of white vinyl was always required to ensure colour vibrancy - this is no longer the case thanks to white ink. With the Arizona 360XT we no longer need to use extra material (such as white vinyl) when printing images onto clear vinyls. White ink is better than using additional vinyl because it’s less wasteful (essential for reducing our carbon footprint), it takes less time to prepare (no awkward cutting and sticking), and it produces an even higher quality finish than before. It seems the possibilities of what can be achieved with white ink printing is almost endless, but we'll list the main benefits. Please contact us on 01242 528868 for more information on what can be achieved.

Pushing the boundaries so you stand out from your competitors

Within the printing industry, white ink is used in a limited capacity, either through lack availability, or lack of knowledge in how to use it both practically, and creatively. At Bigger Printing, we’ve been working with white ink for a number of years, and we’re constantly pushing what is possible with the technology. We’ve started working with materials and creating finishes which couldn’t have been dreamed off in the past. We often help our clients during the design stage of their projects to see how white ink printing could be incorporated, and what additional possibilities that offers from a creativity and design perspective.

Print more easily onto clear vinyls

Without a base layer of white, CMYK colour vibrancy is lost. To print on to a clear vinyl for a full colour display, the design would either need to be backed in white vinyl or white ink to ensure colour vibrancy and density. We can print white ink as a base layer for a full colour design to sit on top, or we can print just white ink onto clear vinyls - perfect for snow effects for example. By avoiding a second base layer of white vinyl, the thickness of the display is reduced, as well as the materials and production time. We do not need to use white ink underneath all the design as it could be beneficial to only use white ink in selective areas to reveal the transparent nature of the clear vinyl (depending on the design, such as the SOHO Coffee Co. logo above in image 4). Why not ask us about clear vinyls today and see how we can help you?

Produce white detail, and detailed frosted vinyl displays

As we can print white ink directly onto non-white materials, we can create hugely impactful displays that take full advantage of the material's texture and density. Using black foamex as the basis of a black display with white ink / CMYK and white ink, the result could be significantly more striking than a standard CMYK print onto white foamex, for example. We are also able to print a 'etch-effect vinyl' onto clear vinyl, this is perfect for intricate designs that might be difficult to weed out and install. The density of the etch effect can also be controlled to suit your requirements.

Create more vibrant images

Printing directly onto non-white materials, rather than multiple vinyls, allows us to create more vibrant colours and interesting effects. This process helps you to explore many more possibilities when it comes to your designs. As we are able to underprint a design with white ink, we are able to print onto a wider variety of materials. We do not need to under-print all the design with white ink, it could be creatively advantageous to only use white ink printing in selective areas to reveal the material, or deliberately reduce the colour vibrancy in sections of the design.

Watch how we created these gorgeous prints of safari animals

We created some impactful prints of safari animals, including a lion, a tiger, an elephant, a giraffe and a zebra using just white ink, printed directly onto black foamex.


Watch how white ink can be used to create impactful displays

Using white ink can seem a little confusing, but don't worry, we've created a short video below to help explain some of the possibilities printing with white ink.


How to set-up artwork for printing with white ink

As there is a wide range of ways white ink can be used, there are numerous ways to set-up artwork ready for printing with white ink. Our short video below shows a simple way of setting up artwork for a simple use of white ink. Our studio can assist with setting up your artwork to ensure it is ready for the print process.