Vinyl Displays
Perfect for walls, windows, floors, vehicles, and everything else in-between


Adaptable vinyl for a range of purposes

Vinyl is ideal for presenting a logo, branding / marketing message, or creative design, and can be cut to virtually any shape! We use a wide range of vinyl, including: colour cast vinyl, white vinyl, clear vinyl, frosted vinyl & textured / anti-slip floor vinyl.

Cast vinyl is a single colour that is visible from both sides making it perfect for windows, or displays requiring bold colours. Printed vinyl is white or clear vinyl that can be printed on to for displays using photographic content. Vinyl printing offers a low-cost display solution that is highly adaptable and can be used in numerous environments. Whether choosing cast, printed vinyl or a combination of both, vinyl offers a wide creative scope.

Grey-back vinyl is commonly used in retail environments to display branding and advertising messages on glass and windows, while blocking out the view into the unit – perfect for when a unit is being renovated.

Wall displays created from cast vinyl lettering are a popular method to display motivational messages, quotes, company strap-lines etc. Cast vinyl lettering can be accompanied with shape-cut logos and icons to enhance the visual impact. Vinyl displays using cast vinyl are often a cost effective solution, as well allowing the display to become part of the environment. We offer a full installation service if required, ensuring your project runs smoothly.

Our cut vinyl printing is used on numerous projects both internal and external, ranging from vehicle signage, exhibition stands, wall displays, hoarding, signage and window displays. Please call us on 01242 528868 to discuss your vinyl display requirements.

Be creative: cast vinyls, white vinyl, clear vinyl, frosted vinyl & floor vinyl

Choose from a variety of cast vinyl; white vinyl (for printed designs) frosted vinyl or clear vinyl to create the desired effect. Printed vinyl displays are used in a variety of projects, with a range of seals designed to alter the overall aesthetics of the display. When printing onto vinyl, we have a range of grey back and black back vinyl to call upon depending on the use of the display.

Explore the options that white ink provides when used on clear vinyl for really creative and impactful displays! Take control of the density of your window display and use white ink to reduce the amount of light let though your window display, or use spot white ink to provide desity to CMYK in spot areas, while leaving other areas of clear vinyl blank.

We also produce floor vinyl that can be used to create interesting displays on the floor to aid the direction of foot-traffic, or just to create a impactful display on the floor. Please see the project which we produced a range of printed floor vinyl displays for the John Wesley Chapel in Bristol for examples of the impact a printed floor vinyl display can have.

Vinyl logo for Aston Martin

We had the pleasure of producing and installing subtle vinyl logos on to the new Aston Martin DB11 for H.R. Owen, take a look below at how we did it.