Twist Displays
The light, versatile, bespoke, flex-link display system


A portable, printed modular display system

Twist displays are hot property for marketers and event managers alike. Not only do they have that light, easy-to-use feel that we all associate with traditional pop-up displays, but they’re also incredibly versatile. Do you need to consider awkward corners and unusual stand shapes? Not a problem for a Twist display. The system’s ingenious flex-link kit allows you to transform a networking banner into a 10 metre exhibition stand, or even a whole corridor’s worth of large format displays. And it’ll bend around corners to make the best use of your stand space. No gaps or mismatched designs in sight.

As a modular display system, Twist displays can be expanded at a later date, and the graphics can be easily replaced. For example, a smaller display could be purchased, and then extended upon in the future for a larger exhibition requirement. As well as being made larger, a Twist display stand could also be made smaller by using only a few sections if you have a smaller exhibition space at a future event.

Maximise multi-media by incorporating a screen into your display

Why not maximise your stand space with a Twist Media? The Twist Media allows you to incorporate a monitor and a DVD player, so you combine visual splendour with sound for an all-round experience. By adding a monitor or TV screen, your stand can show a company video or animation.

3D renders of your exhibition stand

We can produce accurate 3D renders of what your stand will look like to help you visualise the exhibition space - before you commit your artwork to print - including furniture and people, allowing a full floor-space plan to be created. Please speak to a member of the team for more information.

3D Render of Twist Display Exhibition Stand


We can also generate a 3D render of your stand before we start production if you would like to visualise your stand, or check how your stand will fill your exhibition stand's space.

All at prices you can afford

A Twist stand has all the advantages of a bespoke exhibition stand, but at a much lower cost. Create limitless, unique displays that can be used time and again and at prices you can afford.

Watch how versatile the Twist display system is

Watch the video below to see just some of the ways the Twist display system can be used. Please contact us on 01242 528868 for further information.