Shape-Cut Displays
Choose from a wide range of bespoke, shape-cut display options


Endless creative possibilties with custom shape-cutting

Our 1.8m wide digital contour cutter is one of the first of its kind in the South West of England. We can cut large format print into virtually any custom shape, at any length and on to materials up to 10mm thick - whether it’s a shape-cut display, cut vinyl, or some signage.

This service is available for a huge range of materials, such as posters; mounted prints onto card; PVC display boards, foam board, acrylic and dibond / aluminium composite. As well as cutting, we can create creases and scores to allow specific materials to be easily folded, perfect for boxes, packaging prototypes and cardboard free-standing character cut-outs.

Watch how we create free-standing displays

With contour cutting, every job is different, so please call us now to discuss your exact requirements. Watch how we made a free-standing shape-cut display including a support strut by watching the video below.


Free-standing displays - foamboard and corrugated board

We can create a variety of free-standing displays using a range of bases and support struts. Some of our most popular free-standing displays are shape-cut characters - perfect for parties, exhibition stands and display areas. We can produce free-standing character cut-outs using different materials depending on the level of use / longevity required from the display. The two most common materials used is 10mm thick high-density foamboard (for strong, long lasting displays), and a 4mm thick corrugated board. The corrugated board (or cardboard) can be scored and creased to allow the display to be folded up, making transportation much easier. We use an EB flute corrugated board to provide both the strength and flexibility the foldable stands require. We create bespoke-sized struts for each stand to ensure the struts are not too big, or too small for each stand. The struts on the corrugated board displays also fold with the display.

A quick look at shape-cut dinosaur models

We've produced a very short video taking a closer look at some shape-cut dinosaur tyrannosaurus rex and triceratops models we cut on our digital Zund cutter


Watch how to set-up files for shape cutting

Shape-cut graphics need to be set-up in a specific way in order for our cutting tools to understand what shape to cut out. To help explain the technical aspects, we've created a video showing how to set-up files ready to be shape-cut. If you are unable to set-up your files as our video describes, our studio is on hand to assist and create cut paths for you.