Retail Displays
Eye-catching retail displays for every promotion and season


We cater for all sizes of retail displays - interior and exterior

As specialists in large format print, we are able to produce a wide range of impactful displays for the retail industry, including windows displays, shape-cut displays, wall displays, hoarding, and more! From small free-standing displays to covering the whole of a retail unit, we have the expertise and experience to create the perfect display for you. We also offer an installation service if required.

Block out retail window displays

Retail window displays printed on a grey-back vinyl (to block out light and have no show-though from anything underneath) is a highly popular solution for retail units looking to provide an aesthetically pleasing front to a unit whilst work is carried out inside a unit before opening.

Partial / transparent / translucent window displays

Shop window displays printed onto an optically clear vinyl (usually printed in reverse and applied to the inside of the window) are a popular solution to highlight any products or promotions with an window display which doesn’t block out the light. We are able to take advantage of printing with white ink, and print a layer of white ink behind the CMYK print, providing a colour density and vibrancy which would be impossible without the use of white ink. Please contact us to find out more on how white ink can allow you to get really creative with the materials you would use for your project.

Hoarding displays

Hoarding panels are often used when retail units are being constructed; however, hoarding panels are also highly effective as a long term external display solution. Usually printed onto composite aluminium, hoarding panels are very strong and difficult to damage, especially when they are finished with an anti-graffiti gloss seal. When used as either a method to seal off the construction area, or as a permanent display, hoarding panels are the most popular outdoor retail display board material.

PVC banners

PVC banners are an excellent choice for large exterior retail display stands - easily erected and easy to fold away for use at a later date. We have a wide range of finishing options including hem and eyelets, open pockets, and closed pockets with a weight. As with all of our displays, we don't really have a standard size, we usually create bespoke sized retail displays to make sure we maximise your design space to its full potential.

Self-adhesive repositionable wallpaper

Our self-adhesive repositionable wallpaper is incredibly versatile, and quick to install. Our wallpaper has been used within a range of retail units as a full wall covering wall display, and as a shape-cut wall display. Easily applied (without paste like traditional wallpaper), and removed without any additional mess, self-adhesive repositionable wallpaper is highly effective as both a short and long term internal retail display solution.

Point of sale displays

We have extensive experience producing a range of point of sale displays for a range of clients within numerous industries, including the food and drink, fashion, sport, and transport. POS displays can range in size, material, interior and exterior, and our highly experienced team can help advise you through the options if required.

Displays cut-to-shape

We are able to cut most materials to almost any shape – including hoarding panels, vinyl, wallpaper, cardboard and foamex, allowing any free-standing displays, retail window displays, or wall displays to be truly eye-catching.

Printing retail POS displays for SOHO Coffee Co.

Take a quick look at our video showing a snap-shot at how we produced a run of printed retail point-of-sale displays for SOHO Coffee Co. which was distributed nation-wide.


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