Hoarding Panels
Weather resistant, long-lasting and anti-graffiti sealed construction site hoarding graphic panels


We cater for all sizes of site hoarding board projects

Big displays are what we do best. We can print up to up to 10ft by 8ft / 3m by 2.5m on a single board - creating huge hoarding panels if required. We produce both substantial runs of hoarding for long term building and construction projects, and smaller scale short-term hoarding panels too.

We've produced hoarding board displays to cover the front of retail spaces whilst the interior of the shop is being refurbished, and we have also produced much larger runs (over 100 metres) of external advertising hoarding to seal off building sites (such as this construction project for The Brewery Quarter) and home redevelopment projects. Our hoarding board displays are robust, long lasting and impactful. Site hoarding displays provide incredibly large graphic areas, so make the most of them. As well as introducing branding elements such as logos and colours, our hoarding displays can contain photorealistic images so get creative with your designs and make an impact with your space. If you require any assistance with the hoarding design aspect, our studio is able to offer tips and advice, as well as assisting with generating artwork if you require some help.

We offer a variety of materials to suit your requirements (such as thick durable PVC and aluminium composite) - all including weather proof solutions. We can also offer appropriate seals such as an anti-graffiti seal to protect the hoarding graphic panels from vandalism. We are able to conduct a full survey prior to production, and we also offer a full installation service.

We are able to deliver our large hoarding panels country-wide, so do not worry if you require your hoarding display to be set-up outside of Cheltenham or Gloucestershire, we can still help.

Official Alupanel® Product Partner

We are proud to be one of the first print companies to be recognised an official Alupanel® Product Partner – the composite aluminium material which we use on the majority of our construction site hoarding panel projects. Alupanel is manufactured in the UK by Multipanel UK. The Product Partner status is a recognition from Multipanel UK that Bigger Printing has extensive experience working with Alupanel®, and offers a superior level of print quality and customer service.

To find out more about this Product partnership, please click here.

Print direct to save time and reduce the cost

We print directly to our board materials – including composite aluminium, foamex PVC and correx – rather than printing onto a vinyl and mounting the vinyl onto the board. This saves time, and reduces the cost as we have removed an additional material (the vinyl), and the process of mounting and laminating. Another drawback with printing and mounting using vinyl is over time vinyl can shrink back against the board material. By printing directly to the board material – we avoid this problem. We print directly to our board materials for all hoarding projects, and display boards, unless the edges are required to be wrapped for the aesthetic finish.

Make an impact, and get your message seen

Advertising and construction site hoarding panels are usually placed in high-traffic and high-volume areas along busy road, pathways, walkways and must display a clear message that is both easily and quickly understood.

Effective hoarding designs focus on impact, rather than simply content. High contrasting colours, a few large words and an impactful image tend to work best. Our studio is available to help assist with the design if required, and our UVC printing process provides impactful colours – which last.

Internal hoarding printed panels for SOHO Coffee Co. at The Bullring

As well as producing external hoarding panels, commonly onto composite aluminium, we also produce internal hoarding panels, onto Foamex or correx. Take a quick look below how we produced a run of internal hoarding panels for SOHO Coffee Co. by printing directly onto correx. This display was installed inside The Bullring in Birmingham as the store prepard to open.


On a limited budget?

We have cost effective short-term options available if required. Our short-term options still offer long-lasting and impactful solutions with great print quality. Please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01242 528868 for further information.