Exhibition Tower
Create eye-catching tower displays that can be assembled in minutes


Impactful, effective, easy to build

Grab the attention of anyone near your exhibition stand with our exhibition tower. Printed on both sides, the exhibition tower easily fits together to create an impactful display that can be erected and dismantled in minutes – perfect for trade shows and exhibitions.

The exhibition tower is easily as effective when displaying purely brand elements such as logos and brand colours, or information on products and services. Constructed from foamex, the exhibition tower is both rigid and lightweight, whilst also being stable. The panels that create the tower can be scaled as desired, providing more or less of a display area. The height of the tower can be easily customised by using more or less panels. When dismantled, the tower takes up very little space, again, making this product perfect for exhibitions as graphic displays are often required to be transported around by hand.

At Bigger Printing, we have used the exhibition tower as a timed competition, asking people visiting the stand to build the tower as fast as they can. Please see below for our video filmed when we attended the Leeds Beckett University Suppliers Fair in 2016. At this event, the exhibition towers acted as both an attention grabbing tool, and a game to act as a catalyst for interaction with attendee of the event.

Bigger Printing attends the Leeds Beckett University Suppliers Fair



Watch how the exhibition tower is assembled

For a more detailed look into how the tower is built from a stack of panels, please watch the video we have created below. The tower does not require any additional elements such as glue, tape, Velcro etc. to be assembled. The panels simply slot in together using the shape-cut groves.



If you would like any further information on the exhibition tower, please contact the office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01242 528868. Artwork templates can be provided to help ensure the technical elements of the design are correct.