Display Boards
Create high impact wall mounted, free standing or shape-cut displays


Bespoke display boards

To give your posters that something extra, why not mount your posters onto one of our display boards, or print directly to one of our display board materials? We have a range of weatherproof material options if you require an outdoor poster / display.

We have a wide range of material options to choose from to ensure your display matches your requirements. Choose from heavy card, correx, foamex, foam centred board, thick durable PVC, standard aluminium composite, mirror-effect aluminium composite and many more, the choice is yours! Most materials are available in a range of thicknesses. Foamex and aluminium composite are available in a range of colours including black (rather than standard white). Using black foamex or black aluminium composite with white ink creates a high-impact look, which is also a little different to standard CMYK print solutions.

We also offer a full laminating and encapsulation service to protect your wall mounted display boards and external boards from finger marks; accidental spills; and the rough & tumble of transportation, as well as providing a range of finishing options such as gloss or lusture. Please call us on 01242 528868 to discuss your requirements.

Super-size display boards!

Thanks to our Arizona printers, we can print up to up to 10ft by 8ft / 3m by 2.5m on a single board so you can create large display boards! A seal is not required for short and medium term use and we have a comprehensive range of materials available to suit all requirements. We can also create bespoke shape-cut displays if you require your display to really stand-out from the crowd.

Creative materials

While most display board materials come as standard in white, some are available in a range of colours / finishes. Black PVC is a highly popular solution – white ink will be required, and our studio is available to help advise the best way to set-up artwork. Composite aluminium doesn’t have to be used simply as a white material with standard CMYK. Composite aluminium is available is a range of finishes including mirror-effect, and butler finish / stainless-steel.

Mirror-effect composite aluminium has a special coating providing a very reflective surface, and it is much safer that a real mirror as it is shatter-proof – perfect for office and retail displays. Normally, printing onto mirror-effect materials is very difficult as the UV light which cures the ink is reflected back into the printer and can cause damage. We’ve overcome this problem, creating a new range of print solution possibilities. Mirror-effect composite can also be cut-to-shape just like standard composite aluminium, and white ink can be incorporated, although it isn’t essential.

Butler finish / stainless-steel effect composite aluminium naturally has a stainless-steel effect, but is much easier to work with in a print environment and a much more affordable solution compared to real stainless-steel. A simple design / text printed in just white ink creates a high-end finish which would be impossible to achieve with standard CMYK printing.

Watch how we print directly to mirror-effect composite aluminium

We are now able to print directly to mirror-effect composite aluminium. Normally, printing onto mirror-effect materials is very difficult as the UV light which cures the ink is reflected back into the printer and can cause damage. We have solved this problem, opening up more creative possibilities.


Benefits of foam display boards

Foamex and foam display boards provide a high quality smooth finish that is available in a range of thicknesses, we can print directly to the display boards or mount a print depending on the finish that is required.

All of our display materials (including foam display boards) can be easily cut to shape using our digital contour cutter. Foam display boards are also a cost effective display method and extremely durable.

Foam display boards are weatherproof so are ideal for external applications, as well as internal wall display applications. As a strong, rigid material, it is easy to hang using screws, Velcro or double sided adhesive tape.

Watch how we produced display boards for the SOHO Coffee Co.

We have produced this short video showing how we created various POS display graphics for the SOHO Coffee Co., including large wall mounted display panels and a-frame displays. For further information on this specific project, please click here.