Create an array of bespoke displays using extraordinary cutting technology

Test the limits with our extraordinary cutting technology

At the centre of our armoury of large format production equipment is our 1.8m wide digital contour cutter (one of the first of its kind in the South West of England).

We can cut large format print into virtually any shape (watch how here), at any length and on to materials up to 10mm thick - whether it’s a shape-cut display, cut vinyl, or signage.

With our digital shape cutting technology, there is no need to restrict your designs to rectangles or squares - get as creative with the shape of your display as actual design of display and create custom shapes! Displays that take advantage of unusual shapes for their design can be very eye-catching, but the effect is always more powerful when the shape of the display reflects the content of the display. For example, if the content of the display is a puzzling question, why not cut the display in the shape of a puzzle piece? Shape-cutting can also be used for a range of practical reasons, such as using rounded corners to remove sharp edges on signage or creating cut-out windows to add depth to designs. Please call us on 01242 528868 to discuss your shape cutting requirements.

What fantastic scope...

This countour cutting service is available for a huge range of materials, including unmounted work, like paper posters; mounted prints onto card; and PVC, foamex, acrylic and composite aluminium. The possibilities are endless!

With contour cutters, every job is different, so please call us now to discuss your exact requirements. Our studio can help with the technical aspects of setting-up shape-cut files to our work-flow specifications, and we can provide templates as well. We have also created a short video explaining how to set-up files for shape-cutting, please click here to watch it if you are happy to set-up your files yourself.

Don't forget we can crease as well as cut

Our digital contour cutter is so versatile, we can even crease materials rather than cut straight through them – perfect for creating product packaging / box mock-ups and foldable shape-cut cardboard cut-outs. We use our cutting tools to create bespoke support struts for our free-standing displays to ensure the display receives the perfect level of support, and if required, the support can fold down with the display to reduce storage / transportation space.