What Are The Benefits of UVgel?

Inside Bigger Printing - What are the benefits of UVgel printing?

Inside Bigger Printing - What are the benefits of UVgel printing?


Introducing UVgel Printing

As you may be aware, back in January, The Bigger Printing Company announced it had invested in the revolutionary print technology – UVgel. Why did we invest in it, what is it, and what is so special about it?

Why did we Invest in UVgel?

The wide format print industry is growing. InfoTrends expects print volumes to see a compound annual growth rate of 3% between 2015 and 2020. This growth is a result of new technologies and streamlined workflows in the industry – allowing the print industry to be more competitive with the digital marketing sector. The most popular print solutions in this growth period are currently banners and posters.

Turnaround times are getting shorter and shorter in the wide-format print industry. InfoTrends reports as much as 40% of wide-format print projects are required to be turned around within 24 hours.

During the current economic environment, budgets are getting tighter, and therefore print needs to be produced quicker, and last longer than before.

What is UVgel?

In designing the Colorado 1640, Canon took the best parts of the popular print processes; UV printing, latex printing, and eco-solvent printing, to create a new process. The result is UVgel technology which provides a huge colour gamut, produces print at the lowest temperatures, without the need for drying time, and all at incredible high speeds.

The technology also provides a host of other benefits to us in terms of streamlining the workflow even further to help reduce turnaround times in ways other than simply increasing print speeds.

What is Special About UVgel?

The solidified state of the pinned gel dot prevents merging between the individual ink drops, delivering optimal control over the dot to prevent dot gain. By controlling dot gain, much more ink can be deposited in fewer passes, improving the print speed significantly when compared to latex and eco-solvent printing.

The latest LED technology is used to cure the ink, which allows the machine to operate at a lower temperate than previous technologies, so the process uses less electricity. As the curing process is performed later than existing technologies, images have a smoother surface and a more uniformed aesthetic.

The curved UVgel drops are incredibly robust, much more so than the existing technologies. Print solutions such as posters, banners, and floor vinyl do not need to be sealed / laminated after the print process, again reducing the turnaround time of the project.

The prints are also much more vibrant than traditional UV printing, allowing designers to hit colours previously unobtainable.

The Outcome

As our clients have seen the results of using UVgel printing in their projects, the results have been overwhelmingly positive. UVgel has allowed us to provide a superior print solution for our clients, in a reduced time frame. To find out more about UVgel printing, please contact one of the team on 01242 528868.


Watch the Canon Océ Colorado 1640 be installed, and watch the first graphics be printed

Watch our short video below showing the installation of the Canon Océ Colorado 1640 at Bigger Printing HQ, and the first prints run on the printer.