Our Environmental Responsibility

Inside Bigger Printing - What We Do to Help Protect the Environment

Inside Bigger Printing - Our Environmental Responsibility


How we look to reduce our impact on the environment

As a print company, we feel we have a huge responsibility to our environment. Due to the nature of our industry, it would be very easy to be harmful to the environment, and therefore we must work incredibly hard to be as ‘clean and green’ as possible.

At The Bigger Printing Company, there is a genuine desire to limit our impact on the environment – for the right reasons. We don’t wish to see ourselves making a negative impact on our landscape - our planet is so beautiful, and yet fragile, it must be protected, and everyone / every company has their part to play.

The UK alone produces over 100 million tonnes of waste each year, and when certain materials are buried in landfill, they breakdown and very harmful by-products are released. Fossil fuels are rapidly running out, and are harmful to the atmosphere. As the planet warms up, severe weather conditions are becoming more regular. We must all work hard to break this cycle before we are at the point of no return.

So how do we ensure we are doing our part? Below are some of the key areas which we have highlighted to ensure we reduce our impact on the environment as possible.

1. Waste Reduction

We work tirelessly to ensure we plan Production as carefully as possible in order to reduce waste – both in unused material (the carcass), and wasted material from mistakes. By stacking multiple jobs together, we are able to save material, and make the carcass as small as possible. We proof every job, and have a stringent workflow to ensure mistakes are avoided, or kept to an absolute minimum to avoid unnecessary re-prints.

We have just changed our invoice system over to a fully digital system, saving a lot of paper in the process - and time! Making smaller alterations like this can make a huge difference.

2. Eco Friendly Materials

We have a range of eco friendly materials including; 100% recyclable composite aluminium, 100% recyclable papers and cards, 100% recyclable wood, 100% recycled and recyclable cast acrylic, and low-carbon PVC-free banner. These materials help reduce both our, and your impact on the environment.

3. Challenging our Suppliers

We challenge our suppliers to help provide us with materials which can be recycled, or better meet our needs. For some projects, we will get materials orderd in at size (which avoids waste), and we have bespoke packaging created to avoid unnecessary packaging.

4. A Strong Recycling Program

You may have seen we have just announced we are now 100% landfill free after making improvements to our already strong environment program at Bigger Printing. We have made big strides with our recycling program and now recycle 40% more than we could last year. The whole team has bought into this new program, and everyone does their part to ensure materials are separated and sorted as required.

5. Constant Improvement

As a company, Bigger Printing is constantly looking for improvements, especially when it comes to helping the environment. Now we have made large strides within the Production Department by becoming 100% landfill free, we’ll be looking at other areas of the business, such as our electricity consumption, our vehicles etc. We firmly believe being ‘clean and green’ isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.