PVC Banners & Flags
Make an impact with vibrant, strong and robust PVC banners and feather flags


Custom vinyl PVC banner printing

Large or small and suited to a wide range of environments, our photo quality super-sized PVC banners offer robust and vibrant print solutions that needn’t cost the earth.

Our PVC banners can be used indoor and outdoor, and for a range of projects, including as stage backdrops, exhibition displays or building / construction site signage. We often produce banners at unique and bespoke sizes, as well as more standard PVC banner sizes such as 3m by 1m and 4m by 1m. We can produce the banners with or without hem and eyelets depending on their use.

PVC banners are often chosen as a display solution as the they can provide very large display areas (either temporary or long-term solutions), they can be installed quickly using just cable ties, and they can be rolled up easily and stored taking up little space - ready to be used at the next event. If they get dirty, in most cases they can be easily wiped clean. Please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01242 528868 to discuss your PVC banner printing requirements.

Banner printing that lasts, and make an impact

We use the latest UV curable print technology to deliver banners that are extremely durable without compromising on colour. Printing onto our tough reinforced PVC scrim vinyl, results in a scratch and weather-resistant durable banner that can be used again and again.

Low-Carbon PVC-Free Banner

It has taken a while to find an environmentally friendly banner product that also meets our requirements including print finish, durability and colour vibrancy – so we are pleased to announce the addition of our low-carbon PVC-free banner material to our eco friendly material range. This banner material conforms to government legislations for PVC-free specifications, and helps reduce our / your carbon footprint. Similar to traditional PVC banner material, this material is available in 300gsm, it is flame-retardant, and certified to FR-B1 standards. For more information, please contact the team on 01242 528868.

Eye-catching feather flags

Feather flags are used for a range of purposes – from signage, to exhibition displays, to branding reinforcement both internally and externally.

Feather flags are available in a range of sizes and heights, and can be fixed to the ground using a range of options – depending on the environment, and if the flag needs to be moved. If the flag is going to be displayed on a permanent basis, then it should be screwed into the ground, otherwise a heavy base using water or sand can be used to provide stability, and portability.

Watch how we produce large PVC banners

We've created this short video to show how we produce impactful, bespoke PVC banners. Watch how we start off with a design, how our PVC banner printing technology reproduces the design, and then see the finished banner installed on site.