Mesh Banners
Inside and outside wind permeable mesh banner displays


High-quality, lightweight and versatile

Wind permeable mesh banners are the perfect choice for large displays that require light / air to pass through. Suitable for scaffolding, building wraps or exposed display areas, our mesh banners offer versatility and excellent print quality. Mesh banners are a popular display solution on building and construction sites, as well as schools.

We are able to produce mesh banners at standard banner sizes such as 4m by 1m, however, we often produce mesh banners at bespoke sizes to fit specific spaces. Due to the nature of the material, we would advise against small text content on mesh banners, with impactful mesh banner designs focusing on high contrast, bold content. If you require any assistance with your designs, our studio is available to help. If you need custom artwork to be generated from scratch, that is not a problem. We have a team of experienced designers in the studio who can assist with creating custom designs.

For further information on mesh banners, please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01242 528868 to discuss your mesh banner requirements.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Developed for indoor and outdoor use, our mesh banners are often finished hemmed and with eyelets for easy hanging. Alternatively, banners can be finished with pockets to allow for small weights to be inserted to allow the banner to hang correctly when they are only fixed from the top. Just as PVC banners, mesh banners can be installed quickly and easily with just cable ties, rolled up and stored in a small space, ready for the next event.