Arizona 360XT
What does the Arizona 360XT mean for your business?


Big, big displays

The Arizona 360XT is twice the size of our other Arizona flatbed, so we can print large boards simultaneously, and we can print direct to boards of up to 10ft by 8ft in size - all in one go. What that means for you is more scope when it comes to the size of your displays and an even more efficient service. And because we're the only printer in the south west with an Arizona 360XT, we're pretty confident you won't find better service anywhere else.


As a print team and as a company, having the Arizona 360XT makes us a lot stronger. With less manual labour required and a larger print capacity, we can meet your demands more quickly than before and we can deliver an even better standard of finish. The Arizona 360XT offers higher definition print and it takes a lot of manual work out of the process. Plus, we no longer need to use additional white vinyls to get the right effect on point of sale window displays. Not only does this save on time and materials, but it also helps us achieve the exact finish that you’re looking for.


The Arizona 360 is much faster than our other Arizona flatbed, completing high-quality prints in less time. With an extra printer in-house we can run our machines at the same time and leave them running for as long as we need to – no manual intervention required. So we can meet the toughest demands and tightest deadlines. Call us today on 01242 528 868 to find out how our greater print capacity can help your business.