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Expert knowledge, skills and experience

At The Bigger Printing Company we’ve delivered large format print services for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on an extraordinary knowledge of the print industry, coupled with the very latest in digital print technology, including printing with white ink. Our Arizona flatbed printers are some of the most advanced printers for miles around; offering exceptional speed of delivery and a quality of finish that remains unsurpassed in the area. We produce a mixture of both standard size prints (such as A3, A2 A1 and A0 posters), and bespoke, personalised displays .

We are passionate about print, and enjoy sharing our knowledge - although we can't give away all of our secrets! We do however produce our own videos in-house to help explain some print processes, or specific products. If you have a suggestion for our next video, please get in touch and let us know.

In addition to producing high-impact displays, we can offer a full survey and installation service whether the project is for hoarding, a large internal or external display, or signage.

Push the boundaries and stand out from your competitors

In addition to producing industry standard print, such as A0 posters, or A1 display boards, we produce a high volume of bespoke print. Thanks to our white ink and shape-cutting capability, we have the tools to really challenge what digital print is able to create. Our Arizona printers are able to print directly to flat surfaces, therefore we can incorporate a range of materials into projects, such as plastic, vinyl, metal, wood, glass, and acrylic, as well as standard paper. Most of these materials require white ink to be used in addition to standard CMYK print in order to achieve the desired results. White ink allows our clients to be really creative with the substrate they choose to print their design onto, helping their projects to have maximum impact.

Taking care of the environment - it matters to us

It’s never been more important to be environmentally savvy and we know that every action counts. That’s why we take every care to adhere to a strict recycling policy, printing on both recycled and recyclable materials. What’s more, we use durable, robust print materials that encourage our customers to use their print time and again and in all weathers! This all helps minimise the carbon footprint.

Our partnership with Canon Canon Logo

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate, and our partnership with Canon is key to this. Canon is a world-leading provider of professional printing equipment, providing Bigger Printing with a comprehensive range of tools to produce high-quality print graphics. Through our partnership with Canon, we have been able to push the boundaries of how display graphics are produced and able to be used. For more information on Canon, please visit their website here.

Our association with Gloucester Rugby Advertising boards at Gloucester Rugby

Starting with the 2016 – 2017 season, we are proud to be associated with Gloucester Rugby. Many of the team are fans of the club, and have followed the club for a number of years. As a team we often attend games at Kingsholm, please let us know if you do too. We have taken out two advertising boards each measuring 10ft by 20ft, run behind the posts of the West Terrace, keep an eye out for our boards if you're watching a game around the West Terrace or from hospitality. For more information on Gloucester Rugby, please visit their website here.

To read more about our association with Gloucester, please click here.

Sponsoring Cheltenham Swimming and Water Polo Club CSWPC Logo

We are thrilled to be the main sponsor of the Cheltenham Swimming and Water Polo Club (CSWPC). Since 1895, Cheltenham has been the home of a top Water Polo team and this strong tradition continues to this day. In 2015, CSWPC enjoyed unprecedented success by completing the treble – winning the British Water Polo League, the British Water Polo Championships and the invitation only event, Stroke for Egypt. Bigger Printing has strong ties to the team, and provides all of the team’s printing requirements, including PVC banners that are used at games and presentation ceremonies. Keep an eye on our news page and social media profiles for the latest information on how the club are getting on.

5 reasons to collaborate with us

New to Bigger Printing and not sure if you should trust us with your project? Here are 5 reasons why it's worth giving us a try


We have built up extensive experience within the large format printing industry – over 20 years. Our team are passionate about print; all have been involved in the industry over numerous years, and understand how to get the most out of the Canon equipment we use. Our close relationship with Canon ensures our technology is up-to-date, and that we are constantly able to get the best results.


Print matters. We understand that many print projects are required for important presentations, business developments or a host of other purposes. Most projects have tight turnaround times, and budget concerns which can also add extra importance to how projects are handled. We take every step to ensure that your project runs smoothly as we strive to reduce and any pains and stresses that could be surrounding your project.


In addition to standard display solutions such as roll-up banners, our technology and experience combines to produce creative, and unique display solutions. With a wide range of materials, printing and cutting techniques to call upon, there is little we are unable to produce. If you’re not sure if something is possible – give us a try!


We aren’t called The Bigger Printing Company by accident. Our Canon Arizona printers have the capability to print directly to flat board materials – therefore we do not have to print and mount display boards like other printers. Our largest flatbed can print up to 3 metres by 2.5 metres. Our roll materials are available in a variety of widths, and we are able to print and cut as long as required.


Our roll-to-roll printers allow us to print whole displays overnight so they are ready to be finished in the morning. We can print large display boards simultaneously. These processes combined with our experience of working on multiple projects instantaneously have allowed us to reduce our turnaround times compared to other printers. If you need a project to be started right away, let us know and we’ll see how our production schedule can help.

A word from Seb

“At Bigger Printing we employ our staff for attitude as much as skills, whether back office, production or the board.

We also hold regular staff training sessions; continually improve techniques, developed from our production team’s ongoing experiences; and place great emphasis on good communication.

Our commitment to these simple but vital processes ensures that however big the print job, we never compromise on quality!

Whether you need a display board for an exhibition, a building sign or a roll-up banner, our team have the know-how to meet your needs and well ahead of time.

We always ensure that the service and value of our large format print constantly exceeds your highest expectations.”

Sebastian Stanley, Director