A wide-format, high resolution service


Lost your digital files? Scan existing prints to generate new digital files

Ever wanted copies of posters or displays that you had printed in the past but have misplaced the digital artwork?

With our large format scanning service, costly artwork re-origination or photography is no longer required. Simply bring your print to us and we will scan, ready to print, an exact copy. We can then print additional copies of the file, as well as supply you with a digital file on a CD or send to you via file transfer for future reference.

New displays

The best thing about scanning is the scope it gives you for reproducing your designs on to new materials. Turn a paper poster print into a PVC banner, a roll-up banner or even a wall display using self-adhesive wallpaper. We can re-size your old artwork into something altogether new and fantastic once we have a digital copy.

Previously, we have taken A1 poster paintings and created a series of stage backdrops for a theatre production. We have also taken A0 poster prints and scanned them so we can re-size them into A3 and A2 display boards.

Getting technical

We can scan up to 42" wide and up to 5mm thick, therefore if your artwork is a large mounted display board, its not a problem. The length of your display to scan does not matter as your display is fed through the scanner, so as long as one edge is less than 42" wide, we will be able to scan it. In order to be fed through the scanner, displays must be at least A3 (or equivalent) in size. Please note that this process does take a little time, and it is therefore better to drop of the display, and come back to office to pick it up later.

If you have any questions about scanning, or want to check to see if your display is suitable for scanning, please give us a call on 01242 528868 or send us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..